Photo by Coye Lloyd: partner, pal, confidant, enabler

Photo by Coye Lloyd: partner, pal, confidant, enabler

Who's that girl? It's Jes!

Jes Nijjer is a Bay Area native residing in Indianapolis since 2007. Her passions include photographing this city and its vibrant populace (ugh, millennials and their made up jobs), exploring new restaurants, visiting art galleries, and writing her bio in the third person. If she's not being mistaken for the downtown monument (at 6'2" height jokes are unavoidable), you can find her sipping lattes at various Circle City cafes.

In 2016 she left a career in nursing to pursue her lifelong passion of photography. What began as a hobby quickly evolved into an exciting, new trade. Over the last three years she has utilized her prior experiences as a restaurateur and small business consultant to offer solutions extending beyond professional imagery, including social media management and marketing strategies.

Specializing in photographing restaurants, products, portraits, and events, she strives to provide high quality images at competitive rates and in flexible packages for any budget.